Stylish Stripes


Hi my name is Charlotte and I'm addicted to stripes. It doesn't matter what colour, which direction they go in or how many there are - if it's stripey, I will have it. I think this obsession started whilst I was at university and I'm not sure where it stemmed from but it is now a known fact, and long-running joke, that I love stripes. So much so, that I currently have 16 items of striped clothing in my possession and last year, I put myself on a ban from buying any more.

However, the ban has been lifted and my timing couldn't be better as 2018 is set to be 'the year of the stripe'. Clearly I was just way ahead of the times as, personally, every year has been the year of the stripe but I'm glad that everyone can now join in with my enthusiasm.

I have found some of my favourite stripey items (a task that did not end well for my bank balance or wardrobe space) that will hopefully inspire you to try this trend.

ASOS Petite Rainbow Jumper - £22
New Look Mustard Stripe T-Shirt - £7.99

Topshop Petite Ciao Stripe Top - £19

New Look Black Stripe Tie Waist Cropped Trousers - £22.99

Urban Outfitters Dragon Striped Long Sleeve T-Shirt - £26

Topshop Side Stripe Sweatshirt and Joggers - £22 each

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