My Favourite Tumblrs


I've had my Tumblr for years now and I first started it to show my dedication to Twilight. Tumblr used to be a 'secret' social networking site that people never used to discuss as it was mainly ruled by fangirls, me being one of them. I used to spend hours searching for movie spoilers, reading fan-fiction and editing photos of Robert Pattinson and the rest of the cast (13 year olds these days don't know what they're missing out on!) But now Tumblr has become more mainstream and people use the site as a blog, diary or online mood board. Magazines, fashion brands and even celebrities have Tumblrs so you're bound to find one that you want to follow. It's so easy, and addictive, to scroll through pages of beautiful, creative images that inspire you or reflect how you're feeling.

I check my Tumblr nearly every day so I thought it'd be a good idea to show you a few of my favourite accounts. I follow over 300 people and obviously couldn't list them all. If you want to see what my Tumblr looks like and who else I follow, here's my link. I will warn you though, there is no such thing as having a 'quick look' on Tumblr. I can guarantee that you'll be on it for hours.
This is one of my favourite celebrity inspired Tumblr accounts. I love Vanessa Hudgens' style and this Tumblr posts all of her latest outfits. I get major wardrobe envy every time I check it but it's also great for style tips and inspiration.
It's no secret that I am a big fan of Selena Gomez so this is my go-to Tumblr account when I want to see what she's up to. Similarly to Vanessa Hudgens, I use this Tumblr to follow Selena's fashion and upcoming projects.
This Tumblr is what's known as a 'rosy' account. Basically it posts anything and everything pink, pretty or girly.
This Tumblr combines all the things that I love - beaches, flowers, the Kardashians, cute animals and fashion. I could reblog everything.
The name of this Tumblr pretty much sums it up. My favourite posts are the beach scenes/sunsets.
Another one of my favourite rosy accounts. I love the layout of this Tumblr because you instantly know what type of blog it is.

Let me know what your favourite Tumblr accounts are and if you have one, leave it in the comments so I can follow you :)

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