Friday Favourite ♥


Selena Gomez is my ultimate girl crush so when she released her new single last week, completely out of the blue, I went into fangirl mode.

The song is called 'The Heart Wants What It Wants' and is a ballad about her breakup with Justin Bieber. I'm definitely a supporter of 'Jelena' so it's kind of sad to hear how heartbroken she was when they split. (I'm secretly hoping they get back together) But apart from that I am completely in love with the song.

The beat is catchy and the lyrics are honest and beautiful. The video already has over 19 million views and I'm pretty sure that I'm responsible for a large percentage of that figure; I've had it on repeat for days.

You can pre-order 'The Heart Wants What It Wants' and the new album ' For You' on iTunes now. It comes out on the 24th November and I'm so excited to hear it!

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