Friday Favourite ♥


One of my favourite films of all time is Hocus Pocus and seeing as it's Halloween, I couldn't think of anything more appropriate to choose as my Friday Favourite.

I was obsessed with this film when I was younger, and a little scared at some parts, but because I hate horror films, it's the closest I'm going to come to watching a 'scary' film. I also had a massive crush on Max which was enough of a reason to watch it.

It's directed by Kenny Ortega (the director of all of the High School Musical films and Michael Jackson's This Is It tour) and follows the story of Max, Allison and Dani who accidentally bring back three witches from the dead on Halloween. It's a lighthearted, funny, family-friendly film and definitely gets you in the Halloween spirit.


You can buy the film here or watch it on Netflix :)

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